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St Georges Catholic Primary school in Worcester wanted to help educate their children on the dangers of diabetes and increase awareness of lifestyle choices that can impact such conditions. This was part of their overall child welfare and development at the school as they wanted to target specific children who they felt would benefit from a physically active programme.

Why they did it?

To educate and improve understanding of Diabetes with their children. To highlight the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and how to live with the condition. The school was seeing a decline in physical well being upon return from Covid19 and highlighted this need

What did we do?

We delivered our Diabetes Awareness program within the school. These were small targeted intervention groups where children participated once a week for 6 weeks in our physically active program. Each child completed a Pre and Post program questionnaire of which we collected their data.

What we found?


Confidence in recognising the differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes increased 48%


Confidence in talking about how lifestyle relates to diabetes increased by 37%


Confidence in talking about diabetes as a condition increased by 59%


Confidence in talking about the subject increased by 36%

What did the teachers think?

“Learning definitely took place, as each week the children wanted to discuss what they had learnt and were able to build on that knowledge over the term.”

Miss Brogan, Year 4 Teacher

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