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Everton in the Community - Diabetes Prevention Team

Everton in the Community’s Diabetes prevention team used Active Mind’s Diabetes Awareness programme to help support local school children and educate them on the dangers of Diabetes and the steps we can take in our daily lifestyles to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

What did we do?

As part of events for National Diabetes Day 2021 our Active Minds team travelled up to Liverpool and alongside Everton in the Community we delivered our Active Minds programme lesson 1 to a local Primary school to help begin to educate the children on Diabetes. The future plan is for Everton in the Community to use Active Minds’ Diabetes Awareness programme to help continue to educate local primary school children. We await the results in the new year of the full programme and the positive impact it will have on these children.  

"Thank you again for travelling up to visit us, I appreciate the time and effort. I thought the session went really well...I was having a think of the best way for us to purchase the programme and the easiest way for us to deliver as well, Thank you"

Everton in the Community Diabetes Prevention Coordinator

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