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St Georges Church of England Primary school in Worcester wanted to use Active Minds to help educate their children on the importance of looking after their Mental Health and increase awareness of strategies that can impact their emotions positively. This was part of their overall child welfare and development at the school as they wanted to target specific children in several year groups who they felt would benefit.

Why they did it?

To educate and improve awareness of emotions and everyday situations that may trigger these and how to deal with them in a positive manner. Like many schools the school had seen a huge impact on confidence of children upon return from Covid19 and highlighted this need.

What did we do?

We delivered our Mental Health and emotional resilience program within the school across the entire Key stage 2. These were small targeted intervention groups where children participated once a week for 6 weeks in our physically active program. Each child completed a Pre and Post program questionnaire of which we collected their data.

What we found?


of year 3 pupils showed an improvement in their overall well being


increase in year 5 emotional literacy and ability to recognise emotions


of year 5 pupils showed an improvement in their overall well being


of year 6 pupils showed an improvement in their overall well being

What did the children think?

"I think the lessons were really good way for you to feel more comfortable with your emotions and learnt to react differently and I think other people will enjoy it" "I thought it was really fun playing games and learning about positive and negative emotions" "I really like that we talked about each others feelings and we played games to share those feelings" "I like them because I played lots of games. I liked sitting by my friend I also liked when I could write down my feelings with them"

Key Stage 2 children who participated in the Mental Health and Emotional Resilience program

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